Some Final Words

The Great Race was a pretty amazing ride. We spent ten full days as a team from when we were reunited in St. Paul on June 20, to the finish line and awards ceremony in Mobile on June 30. We covered 2100 miles on the trip alone, not including Brian and Tony driving the car to St. Paul, or Brian driving it back to McPherson. And in those 2100 miles, neither us nor the car fell apart.

Team Victory

Photo Credit: Jonathan Klinger

And for the first part of this post, I give a huge thanks to my teammates Tony DiValentin, Brian Martin, and Nik Montagna. You guys were all around awesome. Through early mornings, long days, hot weather, confusing directions, and bad driving conditions, you all helped keep things fun. In a race that can get stressful and sometimes ugly, you guys never failed to keep the mood lighthearted and positive. You were also dedicated to keeping this car running, keeping other people’s cars running, and making sure that we finished well. You guys were a big part of what made this trip fun and successful, and I’m proud to have run this race with you.

Next we want to thank everyone who has been involved in getting the Fairlane ready to go. This of course includes all of the students and faculty that have worked hard over the years to restore it. This also includes all of the many people and organizations that have donated to the project and are listed below:

Amelia island Concours d’ EleganceThe Start
Ross and Rhonda Barton
Joseph E. Brown
The Carb Shop – Salina, KS
Mark Chambers
Mrs. Charles Chandler
Don Corie
Jim Dodson
Amanda Gutierrez
Arthur Hicks
Frederick and Carolyn Hilbert
Dwight and Ruth Hill
Jim HowardFairlane
Charlie Johnson
Kenneth Kennedy
Edward Levin
George Michel, II
Kyle and Tashina Miller
Roger Morrison
Gary & Suzy Page
John Prather
Santa Fe Concorso
Sarasota Classic Car Museum
James A. Schmidt
Seams Unlimited – McPherson, KSOn the Street in Mobile
Wendall Smith
Ron and Geniene Staymates
Stewart’s Sports – McPherson, KS
Superior Auto – McPherson, KS
Swift Family Trust
The Tranny Shop – Wichita, KS
Wittig Companies
Louis and Karen Witwer

I am told that more donations and gifts are still coming in, and so this list may not be perfectly comprehensive. But even if you’re not mentioned by name here, we still give you great thanks for your support. Afterall without all of the people working on the car, and donating to the project, we wouldn’t have had this car to race. So for getting us to the event, we all give a big thanks.

We also want to thank the many sponsors, volunteers, host cities, and fellow competitors of the Great Race. They did a great job putting on this event, making us feel welcome, keeping things running smoothly, and most of all, making this event fun.

And we also want to thank all of the people that came out to see us and who followed us online. You gave us that extra support and motivation to keep going. Bringing Home the Trophy

And finally, we’re glad we were able to represent the school well, and give you all something to root for. We hope you enjoyed following us, and hope that you’ll give just as much support to the next McPherson team that competes in the Great Race.


3 comments on “Some Final Words

  1. You guys have done McPherson and your school and the state of Kansas a great service! We are very proud of you and your accomplishment. Really enjoyed your daily progress reports. Thank you for all your efforts!

  2. Well done! I’m proud of all of you.

  3. While Joel is thanking everyone else for their contributions to this project, I’d like to lift him up for special appreciation. Joel aspires to write professionally about the automobile industry/hobby, and the job he did on this blog keeping us well-informed and entertained with the team’s daily progress indicates the great promise he has in his chosen field. Great job, Joel Stocksdale.

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