Day 10: Holding Strong in Cajun Country

Finish in CovingtonWe are just one day away from wrapping up this cross country road rally. Today’s run took us out westward out of Baton Rouge, only to double back and bring us to our night stop in Covington, LA. The legs today were certainly more varied than yesterday. Instead of many long, steady speed sections, we got plenty of turns, and even some tremendously slow sections. This afternoon, part of the route snaked racers around a neighborhood at speeds ranging from 10-25 miles per hour. We were also fortunate that, although it still got very hot today, it cooled off much more quickly than the last few days, thanks in part to some late afternoon rain.

Cajun FoodWe also had the good fortune of a change in cuisine today. This entire trip, it seems like we’ve been subsisting on pulled pork sandwiches at every other meal. So we more than welcomed a switch over to some local Louisiana food. In Crowley, we were served some crawfish etouffee, some jumbalaya, and some boudin, all of which were quite good. And we got some more jumbalya in Covington.

Working at NightWe did experience a touch of trouble today. It wasn’t terrible, but it did have us concerned this afternoon. Heading into a transit section between timed routes, we discovered that the radiator had started developing a few small leaks, and we didn’t have a whole lot of spare time to stop. At a gas station, we pulled off and got to examining where the leaks were. Some application of high temperature putty managed to stop most of the leaks, though there was still a small one toward the bottom of the radiator. Fortunately, when the car was running, the leak stopped. With the quick patch job, we managed to make the next section and finish out our day without any significant loss of coolant. Tonight, after getting back to the hotel, we got the coolant drained out and some more thorough patches applied. So the car should be good to go to wrap up the rally tomorrow. And with the exception of this small radiator issue, and needing some timing adjustments early on, this Fairlane has been a trustworthy companion for the rally.Under the Streetlight

And we’re going into tomorrow’s run with some other good news. We’re still first place in X-Cup! We’ve even managed to move up to 35th overall. Of course this race isn’t over yet, but if we can pull off a strong run tomorrow, we should have a good chance of winning our class. Wish us luck!


3 comments on “Day 10: Holding Strong in Cajun Country

  1. Good luck on your last day. Here’s hoping you keep your first in class, first rookie position and the radiator holds.

  2. You are wished! This is so very exciting! You have made us all very proud!

  3. This is great news. Glad you are all doing so well. I have enjoyed reading the blog and keep up with each day’s activities.

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