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The Great Race Day 6: Just Consistent

On the Road    Today’s Great Race session didn’t go quite as well as we were hoping. The day started out nicely. We finally weren’t dealing with heavy rain for once, and it stayed nice and sunny with only the occasional light shower. With that being said, most of the day was quite hot and humid. It wasn’t too bad when we were driving with the windows down, but without moving air, it could get a bit unpleasant.

What we were more disappointed in was our final times. We were expecting a couple legs to be a little off, as we had to make up quite a bit of time in places from slow moving vehicles. However, we also had a couple really smooth, clean runs that we thought were going to be great. What we Crowds at the Capegot wasn’t quite what we expected. The good news is that we were really consistent. The bad news was that our cumulative score was just shy of a minute off. Each leg we were between 13 and 15 seconds early. So we think that we just need to do a little recalibration of our speedometer, and we should be much closer tomorrow.

Our final stop for the day in Cape Girardeau, MO was a nice way to finish though. So far, it has easily been the most enthusiastic and welcoming stop so far. For a couple Cape Car Showmiles, people were lining the streets leading to the riverfront, and a huge crowd awaited us there. Even the mayor was at the food tent waiting to greet the racers. There was also a nice sized local car show to wander through too. So even though our scores could have been better, we at least had a nice finish.


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