The Great Race Day 5: Getting Stronger Everyday

Rainy MorningToday’s stretch took us from from Davenport, IA, through Peoria, IL, and on into Hannibal, MO, hometown of Mark Twain. Today also featured more rain once again, with a soggy morning to get us going. Because of the rain, a number of timed segments in the morning were canceled. One of them still remained, and in the afternoon, we had three more checkpoints.

In the end, we had some similar ups and downs to the day before. We had three great sectors, but our third one was rather poor. The good news is that we know what went wrong with our third one. Because of some changes in the route and us gettinFinish in Hannibalg to our lunch stop earlier than normal, we underestimated how long it would take to get to our next leg. This resulted in us getting started at a bad time and throwing off our time. Otherwise, we had some very solid times. In fact, our first segment we actually managed to ace! An ace being a leg where your time is off by less than half a second. Unfortunately, it was the same sector that we submitted a time discrepancy for, as we got slowed down by a train at a railroad crossing. We didn’t think we had made up the time. But we’ve decided that we’re just going to get our first ace when we know we’re on track.

StandingsWe did still receive some good news even after losing our ace though. When we arrived at our hotel in the evening, we found that we are currently first place in the X-Cup class!

We also came away with a unique souvenir at our dinner stop in Hannibal. Before dinner, we met a man by the name of Lynn Herzberger at the stop. He spent some time talking with us and he seemed to really like the car. Then, after dinner, we came back and he met up with us again, and gave us a drawing he had been working on while we were gone. It was a really neat drawing and he let us take it with us. He also left his email address on the back of the drawing, so in case you’re interested in some of his work, you can reach him at visualsz@yahoo.com. I feel like this is also a good time to mention that everywhere we’ve gone with this ’57 Ford Fairlane, it’s received so many compliments from people that remember having one in the family, to people that just like the way it looks.

TDrawingomorrow we start again. The next part of the trip will take us to our night stop in Cape Girardeau, MO. And now that we know we’re first place in our class, we’re going to do our best to keep it that way.


3 comments on “The Great Race Day 5: Getting Stronger Everyday

  1. Congrats on your 1st Place. Keep up the good work.

  2. Two recommendations for your stop in Memphis: Rendezvous BBQ at http://www.pigsfly.com, or, my all time favorite, Interstate BBQ at http://www.interstatebarbeque.com. MMM MMM good!

  3. Good Job you Guys!!! Great Art…looks like he took Wayne’s class and is making a living at it. I am so enjoying you posting this 🙂 Watch out for puddles!

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