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The Great Race Day 1: Meeting and Greeting

Tech Inspection LineFor our first full day of the Great Race, things started off reasonably laid back. We started off with a short breakfast and then it was on to the line for tech inspection. This part of the day ended up being an impromptu meet and greet as much as it was a tech inspection. With the many sponsor stickers to be applied to each of the 99 cars in attendance, the line was moving a little slow. As a result, there were great opportunities to get a good look at everyone’s cars and learn about them from their owners.

Sticker ApplicationAnd there are many vehicles to see this year. The Great Race is an event for vehicles from 1969 and earlier, and there are vehicles representing just about every decade and segment imaginable. Everything from Packards, Cadillacs, and a Rolls-Royce to Fords and Chevys. There are even a couple more unusual entries like a Fiat Multipla and a SAAB 96.

Tuning and Tweaking

Once our 1957 Ford Fairlane finally received its many stickers we headed out for some lunch and to begin preparations for upcoming events. Some carb and timing tweaks there, a stopwatch and speedometer calibrating there. Overall, we got the car running nicely and currently trouble free.

We rounded out the day with the official meet and greet as well as a seminar on motor oil from a representative at Champion. Overall quite a good day, and the next day was sure to bring more excitement.


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